Was doing research on my grp assignment and found this meaningful sentence which i would like to share..

" HArdship in training is essential because it builds confidence in peoples ability to persist through adversity into victory. Fun and revelry are important, because they enabled people to get to noe each other in a very transparetn way and thus build the camaraderie that is so essential to teamwork.. " --> this sentence juz hightlights the importance of training tgt and ggin out tgt..

Roobie Loomis , a successful NASCAR racer crew chief says' l like to use the analogy that when things are working well if one person spills a drink a teammate will jump down and start cleaning it up and another one will run and get another soda. Thats whats its about. And about selecting people for the team, he says its important to pick people of strong character who will be willing to work with th other personalities in the group. ---> this simply says... a team cannot haf selfishness everyone must be able to accept each other and help each other... not be selfish some ppl when washing boat likes to stand ard doing nth... disappearing when everyone is washing the equipments and i realised its always the same few ppl... and some others who nvr push trolley...

His personal philosophy with team is : If you "work hard give much, and expect little, good things will come your way.
(Ellis.L, 2003) hahaha after quoting so much from the book muz gif the author credits else i will be plagarising... :P:P