Wat is ggin to happen to the sprinting team nxt yr when the current yr 3 elites.. dennis lex bernard cheng and clemence grad???

the yr 2 seniors now who will become the yr3 nxt yr ,will the most senior in the team...will be the elites will be the fastest rowers in representing np in sprinting.. but ??..

onli left alfred, brian, chin chong, ethan jeremy.. note i left samuel out.. u all shld noe y.. i oso left collin out coz his attendance is quite poor.. and he nvr mixed ard or bond wif juniors.. den now ethan got prob may be quiting.. jeremy wana step down... donno he will still stay anot... den wat left alfred brian and chin chong???

And among the 3 chin chong will be the most dependable... but need to brush up his skills alot alot alot alfred not veri bond wif the juniors too and brian veri veri gym..so how?? is the team gona die nxt yr???

I been in this team for about 6 yrs???... from a Fuckup junior become a senior den become an alumni den to become seeing junior join become senior den alumni... most of my happy times is spent here... i value this team alot alot...i hope it wont die off


wooo i nid to tok cock to strangers... nid to build rapport with them nid then nid to do presentation to them.... but first i nid to stop them n find a reason to tok to them.... er abit hard for mi hahaha i not a veri outggin person to tok to stranger but i believe its good to accquire such skills.. in the the future no matter wat i do i will be able to speak fluently... muz jiayou


Ok nvr really got the pics but well its an update..

I will not update about pangarang first..


Woke up damn early.. den went to SDBA to collect our lifevest.. so tired lor in the end slp in the train.. quite happy when i reach there .. some of them were alreadi there and some LATE!.. but well haha was kinda excited..

We reach OUB building and almost every team is there.. occupying every little space.. in the end we settle ourself beside my future sch SIM.

Our race is the early few so nt long after den we register and started to board our boats.. stil feeling excited.. and thanks to the np dragonboaters they ask us to jiayou while walking pass as they know we r from nacc ba...

Our 1st heats will be a veri tough one.. becoz we race with SPC and canadians dragons before.. and we lost to them like 1-3 boat length.. the other 2 teams were TP and SMU.. the race started actually i oso dont know how we did coz i nvr look at the sides.. i juz concentrate on my stroke and the counting.. In the end we lost.. we got 5th.. but was okie coz i tink we did nt bad as we did not lost to them by a few boat length.. it was split seconds lost..

But later heard form jiaying who was at the judge stand.. saying that we were like leading 2-3rd place like all the way until last we lost during the charging part.. damn abit ai wan.. but nvm coz the seat is quie slippery some of them slip away a few times if minus those accident we could haf done well... but wif those accident i still tink we did nt bad..

ok newae its end of our DB race.. was getting quite sick of rowing dragonboat alreadi actually but i was veri motivate to row during the compy okie.. haha ok but was so happy dat am ggin back to canoe alreadi no more DB.. but i ggin to start work quite soon ler.. how long will i be able to still stay on?????????????????????????

Will update about the helpout and sunday at a later date..