2007 the year of the pork.. supposedly to be a year bad luck for ppl born in the year of the pigs.. well, bad things do happen.. but lotsa gd things happened too.

Starting of 2007 i am back to school studying in SIM finally, got to noe new frens, great frens, for the whole of 1 year.. am glad all my peers are all hardworking peeps, dat influenced mi to study hard as well, and not to be like how i used to be in poly. Donno my priorities at all.

ok anyway.. starting event of the year was NCM 29km race partnering with clemence. during one of the trg i got physical exhaustion and unable to move at all.. but well in the end the race we came in 2nd gd sorry for shouting at you during the race.. n sorry to land u inside dat ambulance :P

Continued in school, nth much about sch to update really... coz other den studying i didnt involve myself much in other stuffs, but still didnt forget dat i wanted to setup the canoeing club i SIM.. and so went ard askin alot of ppl. newae this gal in our lect look cute to mi hurhur..

later part is agm.. lexy and gangs finally grad they step down new commns step up.. student adviser oso changed. Politics start to kick in..shld not go into details nemore and i finally decided to leave np canoe club. hafin my last race in July..

ard april started studying for exams.. started working in brewerks.. got a satisfying results.. and good company and brewerks.. though politics kick in at work too.

in may durin one of the breaks, i received an sms from gavin asking to join their sim db team.
ok den i finally joined them. got into sim db family in may.

den comes PA paddle championship, partner jiaying for mix event. came in 2nd.
den june comes dragonboat festival race, won 2nd for ivp again too.
den come july my final race with np canoe club. and didnt get to win anything was veri disappointed wif my performance though trained really hard.
was down wif terrible sickness visit doc for a total of 4 times.. dats terrible and dat ends the first half of my 2007.

2nd half was great, got to know more ppl in school, great ppl, tried working in all kinds of environment including as a duck mascot.. kinda fun.. but damn shagged out after dat..

so nth much interesting.. still the same old study, train, slp , eat, work, got a satisfied results again.. and end the sem. though politics kick in again among my og grp... hai..

den come holiday found a job at ntuclhub.. quite a nice place to work in actually.. ppl are nice and i dun see politics ard in the dept. especially for one irritating guy..

den comes the cambodia incident dat not onli shock the team, but the whole rowing community and of course the whole of singapore... their passion will always live inside out hearts.

den went to penang for race.. came back wif a silver..

after return finally negotiation has ended and my sim kayaking team finally formed.. however still got alot of issues to be cleared.. i promise to hold on to this team for at least a yr.. if after a yr things still dun work out.. hai...

and juz den the student adviser, email mi saying np wanted to set up an alumni chapter for the canoeing club asking mi lex and nis if we are interested.. yet to hear from her ever since..

had a christmas party at geri hse.. crazy ppl fun gang..

went to orchard for countdown watch movie.. and spray.. got sick and stayed at home for countdown..

DATS IT byebye 2007.. welcome 2008, In 2008 will be definitely veri busy i of course i have set a few goals a few resolution, diff from wat i set every yr.. it is an important year for mi.. for mi to.... oh well if u wana noe den ask mi lor.. i will tell u if i tink i can trust u wif it.. :D

hope everyone had a great new year and achieve all ur goals in the new year