forgot to say this but... i finally finished my last sunday row as np rower... i will row on wkdays from now on.. maybe sometimes on sat... maybe when there is a gathering will den turn up on sun... was gd things ended in a peaceful way.. though i say dun wana tok about that issue but sometimes it juz came up.. guess i am juz a person dat doesnt keep my word eh.. ok.. i really wana stop toking about it..

anyway.. the trg ended in way i wanted it to be.. less all the awkwardness... cher is not ard too..

I Started rowing offically for NACC as a double rower(my veri first offical trg)...back rower
I Ended rowing offically for NACC as a double rower (my veri last offical trg )... back rower

To mi i cherish this team.. but yeah i oso not a saint.. i do believe i sometimes will do wrg things dat make team mates sad... but my most memorable memory and fun days up till now is spend in the club as a NACC rower... i regarded a majority of them as my lifetime frens..

I gain alot of really really valuable things from this club.. i wont be mi .. if not for it.. nvr regret joining at all.. minus the bad things dat is toking non-sensical stuffs and etc etc hurhur...

anyway felt kind of relieve...like a big stone thrown out of my burden.. i feel that i can really slp in peace... wifout worrying screwing up relationship wif teammates..

ok done time for bed