haha today is my birthday thanks to everyone that gave mi bday wishes they are eliza, daphne, addie,liangcheng lex ,jiaying, brian, jiajun, jeremy, chin chong, dennis, wenqi, stephanie, meng, ziwei, regina, elva, chin koon, xavier, wailoon and lastly all those db teammates dat attended trg today.. sorry if i missed out any name not dat u r forgotten is juz dat i am too tired to tink sooo hard nemore

haha the first to wish mi early bday is liang cheng and addie they wish mi on 10th nov but later they send mi sms on the dot at 12am soo touched lor.. i tink he remember most likely is becoz our bday is same date juz diff mth.. and i nvr forget his bday tooo.. it juz hard to forget hahaha. den daphne oso wishes mi on dat day..

den meng send mi an sms on 12th nov haha tinking its my bday dat day but well it i told him thanks and it was on another day hurhur

on 12th nov actual day.. 1200am the first to gimme the wish is eliza thanks alot .. haha we r like always exchanging bday wishes on the dot hurhur... but well too bad for the financial part.. when vitamin M is stable lets exchange bday presents again okie hahaha..

den subsequently received msgs from daphne, addie,liangcheng lex ,jiaying, brian, jiajun, jeremy, chin chong, dennis, wenqi, stephanie, meng, ziwei, regina, elva, chin koon, xavier, wailoon haha some at ard 12am-1am oh man they really dun slp so early...

den at nite, i was hafing db trging in sch.. was a tired and shiok trg... den after debrief i was preparing veri happily wanted to go home eat my bday meal from my parents... got a surprised from daphne lex jiaying brian.. wif a cake and party boopers and afew snacks. didnt expect it man...they either had sch, doing ns or had work.. didnt really expect them to wait for mi in SIM till 9pm++ .. and doing dat the dragonboat team noes about it and all wishes mi happybirthday and seriously it is always the close buddies teamates. friends we celebrated my bday and everytime was a surprise...

time for some flash back coz after this update i will not update liao hahaha...

first time ok no soo surprised we had 4 days 3 nights expedition to hantu and sisters island.. my buddies noeing is my birthday making it know to the whole expedition.. well i felt like a star in the expedition hahha.. alot of things is like aiming at mi... and there is where the first scandal in poly started wif weishan in ob now a air stewardess wif SIA ... at the camp fire night after our skit and most hairy compy, the crazy ppl wanted to make both kiss.. but things soo awkward but well we ended wif a hug and some idiot took a few fotos and been saying alot of gossip wif it.. got presents from the committee, and of course a saga seed from eliza but i drop in into the sea HAHAHAHA

2nd is my 21st where i spend a bomb inviting some of my best buddies to eat..

3rd after a tiring sea trg donno from where they pop up a cake,

4th we had a terrible work at boat quay river regatta by SDBA.. most of them were helping out.. and donno from where after the event,... comes a cake.. we had buffet at boat quay the food is for some mp (vip) and the food is like sooo nice... hahaha i celebrated my bday at boat quay wif buffet at the prize presentation area and all that were setup properly its soo damn cool lar.. i bet non of u all get to celebrate bday at boat quay and wif sponsor buffet and the kind of settings b4 and had fun while seeing the sun sets hurhur... we all later sweep and mop the whole stretch of boat quay and den we went to clarke quay jump into the fountain and play ard.. den change up and go brewerks drink..

and den lastly is today...

Of course lastly i would like to thanks wenqi and stef for remebering my bday tooo.. so far i do not haf any female frens remebering my bday ba... maybe haf?? but not dat i can tink of.. haha and thanks for ggin out wif mi though due to tiredness and vitamin M shortage i am always soo boring in the outings..

den one thing in common.. is everyone who sended mi bdays wishes.. 90% called mi black hei or watever indian names they can tink of.. and 80% ask mi to get a gf.. hahaha ok i promise everyone dat i will quickly find a gf and haf sex wif her okie -.-.. oops =X.

den xavier who work wif mi for 2 mths in brewerks..
punneet my lecture mates HAHAHA sending mi his greetings from india
my db team who mass sang bday song to mi..

and of course lastly for those who turn up today for the cake namely lex jiaying daphne and brian.. and special thanks to everyone who had given mi the bdays wishes i am sure i will be bless for the nxt one yr wif all those wishes