sUper FOul mood today.. will elaborate later anyway finally got things i wana blog.. so it will be an looong entry..

WIll start from Friday Training camp(planned by lex).. i haf been looking forward to it soo much.. and yeah it turns out to be really fun.. we had a fun run to orchard. Luckily god is nice to us.. nvr rain.. we stopped outside lido. Den later walk to far east to get water..

After getting water we went to the bus stop to wait for Bus 171 but wat the heck its sooo full. den junhan suggested dat we go further down to newton.. more bus availble for us to take.. so we walk quite a distance and still havent reach.. den we saw bus 171 quite empty and we all dash like mad to the bus stop finally manage to get up the bus.. ANd yeah we stink the whole bus.

After alighting we immediately hit the track and did 520 pushup. (dennis bday xtra 20) dat beats the record of 517 pushup which we hit last yr on jiaying bday.. after dat everyone is really too tired to sabo dennis so we juz went to shower and eat the ah neh food for dinner. after dinner i finish one litre of milk on my own. Went back to the rm watch jack arse and went to slp.

Woke up the next morning go support all the sprinters for the x-campus race.Yeah lex sign them all up.. hurhur cool shit rite. NACC swept away lots of medal from the np student open. GReat job.. after i went to class and left the camp.

At nite reunite wif the rest at regina bday... the ambience of teh pub is quite nice.. and the food regina order is nice too.. i'm sorry i am soo hungry dat i had 2 servings.. am craving for the 3rd one though.. had some fun nice seeing wq,yiwei and kimhui.. the team b4 last agm is really wonderful ( wat has happen ar?)

Sunday went down to row clemence nt feeling well so i rowed single.. is okie.. but feeling tired.. becoz am still haf some fear dat happen 2 weeks ago.. i guess it really kinda affect mi somehow.. i haf some mental barrier to overcome somehow.. but well i am still quite confident in rowing single. We had combined trg wif the whole nyjc team. One gal on T1 she is damn fast and guess wat.. she is using a brac 2 paddle.. and she is not big size okie.. its all about how you row and not about the paddle. Afer dat we did capsize drill and mass capsize drill damn fun.. after we hit back on land. we did cool down tgt.. Den nyjc + np we did the cheer.. morale was damn high. i love it lots.. and dats ends the wonderful wkend.. hmm not soo wonderful i like overspent..

Ran to school on monday.. coz whole day no class.. den hit the gym do onli 2 sets went to meet lex and gang and go home at night went to the kopitiam to help clean the fliters.. damn dirty can... but ish okie lar.. for juz 2-3 hrs $40 its gd.. i dun mind.. juz nid to earn some $$$$. went home do business stats till 4am den go to slp

Tuesday afternoon class business stats. wake up 930 cont do.. den go class.. the lecturer is damn funni ... was basically luffin our way thru.. am motivated to score high for this subject. After class went to do pull up. i did 50 den we hit the library to do our bus stats.. yeah this week all biz stats becoz onli got biz stats lecter this wk.

Anyway sheri hafin this dance performance at SMU nxt friday 1-2hr performance... asked mi to go support.... anyone interested can come wif mi.. its free okie.. ppl trained hard everyday.. so i will try to make it go down and support though i may not noe anyting about it.


Today is a fuck up day... Woke up drank my milo and bread slacked online for awhile, went to sch do my maths. Been sneezing and sneezing while i was doing.. damn tulan..hungry + sneezing = tired and hungry( i onli had bread n milo for breakfast okie) and tulan. den do until 4pm dun wan to do anymore went down to lifestyle library slack. more of rest.. coz really dun feel really well.. was waiting for elva coz dk nid to borrow her student card to lend books.. she say dat some1 is suppose to come oso at 5pm to get some books.. so i called the fucker for her.. the fucker was slping and said he not coming and when i said den why u tell elva u coming, den u nvr come why nvr say ps kia. Den this fucker shouted at mi over the fone dat who he told wat he said.. I was super damn pissed off scolded him and hang up.. FUCKER!

Went to training, jeremy not here yet so asked bernard to lead first of course mah he is the most senior student. Den dk gave suggestion to bernard he agreeed.. den split them into 2 grps ask them to gather at the track.. everynoe still gifing so much comments this and dat.. dun wana move.. den finally moved den move so unwillingly.. wat the fuck.. everyone see bernard nice wana eat him wana bully him ar narbei??? Am hungry tired and pissed off + this kind of shit i haf been enduring still puting on a normal face n nt shouting at anyone.. den jeremy reach i asked him to take over. n so we went to run.

After run the later grp is doing cool down den the grp that finish 1st was sitting at the track. when jeremy said to gather at the gym 5 mins later.. its like no one ans him or did they even hear him? coz they dun look as though they heard... he repeated himself like 2-3 times.. 2nd time i almost explode but am stil controlling.. so went outside the gym and wait.. mi and jeremy waited like FUCKing more 10mins..ok those return later weree excus doing cool down can bed. but still... nvm i can still see someone go into the swimming pool and come out wif a packet of soya bean???? wtf fuck haf training end?? who the fuck said can go buy drinks ???? maybe now the culture haf changed? i dono? i apologise for this post if they are allowed to buy drinks during trg now.

Well wat i wanted to say its if anyone not interested in trging.. den dun even turn up on wednesday.. juz say u got exam or assgment den fuck off no one will even care dun show such attitude when u come to trg. no wonder i heard ppl say canoist no discilpline damn sad to hear this kind of comments..

jeremy trying to split them up oso so much comments ai mai ai mai.. i decide to do myself.. still enduring trying veri hard nt to say shout.. tok to dk about how i feel he asked mi to relax.. yeah den i tink about it ok true.. this sunday compy.. trg shld be slack okie so i cont to do myself.. i nvr increase the weights coz am feelnig hungry + tired = no strenght.. so every sets i did my 1st set weights den go the rowing machine row for 2km for 2 sets.. den everyone left..

went to change.. slack at the snack bar.. wanted to eat really veri hungry onli had bread+milo whole day since morning..so i wanted to go eat wif bel they all.. addie kept asking mi to go home i dono why!, den dk wanted to leave alreadi he is getting impatient ler he alreadi stand up wana go liao tell mi everyone veri slow.. den addie still eating nid to wait for her.. (PS. i seriously nvr hear u asking mi to wait or say wanted to return .. yes u said it b4 trg started but not when we were at snacked bar

enuff SUPER PISSED OFF!!!!!!! alreadi.. snowballed!!! liao i stand up and juz walk away wif dk!! came home cook maggi eat FUCK! cant be bothered anymore narbei.. today juz sux lar.. meeting liangcheng to row tml morning hope tml will be a better day..
Am sorry if i pissed anyone off today, today is juz not the day.. yeah so am sorry.. but try nt to further irritate mi at least for today.. i explode liao..

ANd ok i haf been stressing myself everyday since dat incident happened.. it really kinda get it to mi.. it has become a mental barrier i donno how i shld row although got alot of advice from mani ppl.. ok i shld stop being so negative... i shld jiayou everyone shld jiayou.. Yr3 dennis, lex, and especially bernard. Yr 2 jeremy and collin. Yr1 alvin. 6 of u are potential medalist holder this marathon i really looking forward to see gd results from them.. for the rest.. elva try ur best to complete this race.. u wont forget it for the rest of ur life.. and for junhan.. he always started veri gd but ending always kena eat.. he has the big potiential oso.. but nid to train up or concentrate more on endurance and stroke ler.. for the rest JIAYOU! go down n enjoy the row ( who am i kidding man saying this while mi myself is over stressed out)

and yeah for jiaying she nvr really trained oso and now i had the mental barrier like u damn it... but den lets both jiayou.. we muz make it.. till the end, and get a bling bling. . and break this barrier..

(enjoying my FUCKIng instant noodle CB! at this FUCKUP DAY)


well today sea training.. started off with the run.. i came back first wining bernard.. the best runner currently in the team... everything was well damn fine.. except for the body ache dat most ppl still suffered from wed circuit.

after warm up we got down to sea.. 1st time rowing T2 wif clemence.. 1st time rowing T2 for long D. and first time competing in T2 wif mi as a front person. every thing was great.. we had a gd start onli losing to the K2's.

1st rd getting out of shears bridge. K2 got hooked to fishing line Capsized. we stop rescue. we were leading the rest by some distance. however the rescueing causes us to be overtaken by almost all on he losing end alreadi.. Was abit demoralise, clemence encouragment. and i woke up my idea and started started command on our boat.. we over took every one back one by one.. at ard the beginning of 2nd rd. We proceed well.

At the start 3rd rd fatigue starts to kick in.. i feel dehyadrated? weird eh.. it was raining.. the weather is cold and i felt so dehydrated?.. but well i still pushed on.. at ard near shears bridge i felt like stopping alreadi.. felt soo shagged. but i noe cant stop, n so i stopping toking to clemence.. but he still keeping on encouraging mi, wifout noeing wat happenen.

Finally finish the row in the super cold weather my body started to get numb at 1000m.. yeah even we were rowing it felt soo cold.. anyway str after finishing i drank immediately.. and i had to close my eyes. i juz felt soo exhausted. my body juz couldnt take it fingers are numb legs are numb, face felt numb too. den elva and clemence see dat i quite off and ferry mi back to the shore. i force my last bit of strenght to bring the canoe back.. and juz fell on the benches.. i donno why??? i felt so exhausted? so exhausted i couldnt stand up and keep my eyes open and i juz had to lie down to rest my body..recover myself bit by bit.. lex passed mi some water but i juZ lie there.. i juz find no strenght to move myself.. den later eugene company mi back to the shack.. yeah nice of him.. reaching the shack i still felt sooooo exhausted .. i sit down and close my eyes and rest again... and i donno? izzt dennis or chin chong or eugene who got mi dat 100 plus?.. well it helped thanks alot...

i really donno why i hit the limit of my physical today? the training is quite normal? and yes i felt veri hungry becoz i nvr ate breakfast but i everytime training oso nvr ate.. last week was even worst.. i didnt even slp. and after rowing 4 rds... i still lead by alot.. onli losing to one nyjc T2. and still hyper n fit to jump ard run ard and attend shaofeng wedding..

the first day i join nacc.. i nvr reach this state like wat happened today at all?? i really really really donno why??? i am lidat today? i'm sure i had physical exhaustion today.. but i i had more tough trainings den today but it nvr happened like wat happened today?.. today is juz sooo terrible?? will it happen again??? nxt week?

damn it ...!!


Stress and depression can afflict anyone, and it can be especially tough to handle when it's our loved one who's suffering. When it seems all our words and deeds do nothing to assuage their misery, we ourselves can feel helpless and desperate.

If you're living with a loved one who's under severe stress or suffering from depression, remember that recovery is a journey; it's a work in progress, so if improvement does not seem apparent, don't be disappointed. No matter how useless you may be feeling, your loved one appreciates your support and listening ear.

Every comforting or encouraging word is helpful, but however frustrated you feel, never say to a depressed or stressed person: "Come on, snap out of it! What have you got to be worried or sad about anyway? People have it much worse than you!"

Understand that these words are easy enough for you to say, but for a stressed or depressed person, they can seem as though you're trivializing their condition, making them seem weak for not being able to "snap out" of such a petty state. Severe stress and chronic depression are illnesses. You wouldn't tell someone with high blood pressure or pneumonia to "snap out" of their condition, would you?

Also, try as much as possible not to impose advice or your own analysis or knowledge of the problem onto your loved one. Your suggestions may be in the best interest, but to the sufferer, it can sound confrontational. This may put him or her under pressure. All they'll do is dismiss your comments and clam up whenever you're around as they'll feel they're being scrutinised.

A better way is to challenge them very gently by reminding them of a time when they did something good. For example, when you hear your loved one say: "I'm useless, I never get anything right.", you can say "Sure you do, hey, remember the time when you did this??"

Finally, you may find a resource - a book, a video, or supplement that you think will help someone to beat their illness. But you must resist the urge to directly give them these resources. For someone to emerge from these illnesses, they have to make the decision themselves. A direct offer will more often than not be refused. So, if you find something you think will help, leave it lying around somewhere your loved one will find it. Such an indirect approach is more effective because once again, there is no pressure, no reminder, no confrontation. It is the sufferer who takes a willing first step towards recovery.